Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dealing with regret and moving forward on a brighter path.......

Regrets are a form of emotional baggage carried by us all. Some, the figurative size of backpacks, others, the enormity of a full set of luggage all compartmentalized into each individual suitcase. This type of baggage is a heavy load to carry along life's path, holding you back and perpetually increasing in volume and mass if not addressed.

I would like to say that I have no regrets but then again, I'd be lying. And so would you if you said the same. If we were given the opportunity to turn back time and undo a choice or action, the vast majority would jump at the chance. Unfortunately, that cannot happen. You cannot turn back the hands of time. You cannot have a "Life Redo". But what you can do, is to revisit these adverse choices and their subsequent consequences with an honest and open heart.Then, choosing to learn from these mistakes and appreciating some of these self inflicted advertises as gifts of wisdom and knowledge.This helps us to not dwell on them. These experiences (in part) have lead you to the place you are at this very moment in time. They are the culmination of who you are.

Reflecting on these circumstances will aid in your coming to peace with them. If you do not given them the proper acknowledgment you will be cheating yourself out of a future which includes good choice making skills and, in turn, the same mistakes will be repeated over and over. They may take on different forms, as time goes by but they will still, in essence, hold the same motivations.

Moving forward with a lighter load will help you to make better choices. It was also aid in drawing a more positive vibe your way. You will no longer feel held back and your self pity factor will be greatly decreased if not all together eliminated.

If, during this reflective journey, you find a opportunity to right a wrong, please do. Being it as simple as an apology to some one you have hurt in the past. Validating the feelings of another who you have harmed is most important (if possible). Not only will they feel better but then so shall you.

I, myself, ponder my past choices quite often. I try and use them as good current decision making tools. I can easily open my "backpack", take a reflective look, and close it back up till needed again. I make it a point to not forget these moments but to rather continually learn from them. You see, sometimes it is not as apparent as one would like, what the benefits of these adversities are until you find yourself at a certain place and time where they are called upon to show you their gifts.

May your load be lightened and you path be brightened!