Friday, May 20, 2011

"It's the end of the world as we know it" ...Time to take charge and close those doors!

Tomorrow, May 21, 2011 has some predicting The End of The World, The Rapture. I take none of that crazy talk seriously but it did get me thinking as to how we can all turn this around into something wonderful, positive, and empowering. I see an opportunity here to use this moment to reflect upon our lives with the purpose of closing the doors (in essence, ending the life) on some of the issues that have been annoying us, bothersome, and contributing to sleepless nights up until this point.

Why not choose to end these disturbances (kill them off) ourselves instead of waiting for them to dissipate as time goes on. Because, in some circumstances, by being completely honest with yourself, you know very well that that is not going to happen. We must try to become more proactive in our approach concerning these matters.

For instance, is there a relationship that is going absolutely nowhere, never will and/or is a great burden to you? Well then, close the door and end it. Is there a negative behavior that you posses knowing full well that is bothers and irritates others? Then, again, close the door and end it. Is there a project that has been nagging at you to finish? Do you feel that it is just too big to handle and it's keeping you up with worry at night? Go ahead, make plans to just get it over with, closing the door and ending it.

 By making these difficult decisions and following through, you will ultimately gain  the confidence needed to not allow these types of situations to enter or stay long into your life again. You will have the power to close the door and end it yourself. You will be the master of your own destiny. The commander and chief of your world. You will forever insist on being treated with respect and dignity, by being in control of how others interact with you. You will find yourself actually wanting to treat others with respect. With hard work and perseverance it could become your new second nature.

The ending of the world as you know it (in certain aspects in your life) will allow new doors to be opened. It will also breath new life into your outlook, and in turn, attract more positive energy to you with a bright and strong vibe leading they way.