Complete Randomness to Inspire

One of the many tools I use, in order to gather inspiration for writing, is the internet. I find, that many times, this inspiration is presented to me within a simple photograph. During this journey, I have come across so many beautiful, powerful, meaningful, as well as whimsical images.
Please allow me to share some of them with you, as I gather them from here and there. I am in hopes that you, dear readers, would enjoy them as much as I have. And maybe, just maybe, one or two or many, may inspire you in one way or another.
Please Note: I have not taken any of these pictures and gifs (so far, as of 10/23/11) and therefore I own none of them. Please feel free to copy and share them for your self and others alike.
Also, please check back often, as I plan on continually adding more as time goes by!
{If any of these images/gifs are yours, and you would like them removed, please feel free to comment and I will remove them immediately (this goes for any images that are not mine, that have been used on my entire blog)}