Thursday, September 1, 2011

Change things up.................

Today, I decided to get rid of the kitchen table and chairs and actually use the dining room. It will be a bit of an adjustment for my family, but it is for the better. We now have more room in the kitchen and are using a space that was only entered on the Holidays and Special Occasions.

I do these kinds of things often. I enjoy changing this up and around, whatever it may be. Could be the furniture one day, and my hair style the next. My wardrobe choices or the colors of the walls in my home. I could go on and on.

It's a funny thing though, because I do not like changing locations (I've already written about my many moves and how this has affected me) and have never been a real spontaneous individual when it come to certain circumstances.

Yet the simple idea of having the power to change things around me, whether it be my environment or myself, is quite satisfying and freeing. I have no problem with making different choices. I get excited and enthused to experience the final result, knowing that I can change even that up whenever I like.

It could be a control issue. It could be an artistic outlet. It could even be, that the process of reinvention is quite stimulating and fulfilling to me.

I share this with you, dear reader, so that you may think about the possibility of new possibilities. Free yourself from the things that confine you and that you no longer want to be defined by. Empower yourself to make the creative choices you so desire.

Be proud of your potential and creative spirit.


I have a special affection for September. It's the month in which I was born and it is also my anniversary. That being said, the most important reason why I love September so much, is that , to me, it is Life's Mulligan Month. It's that second chance we all have to turn the year around to be a great one.
A new beginning in the midst of the year. 
My wish, for you, dear reader, is a renewed sense of hope and happiness to sustain you through the rest of the year (and beyond)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For You....

YOU are what matters. YOU always have been. YOU always will be. 

When You matter, then others will follow suit in showing respect for you, and in doing so, respect for themselves.

If it's meant to be......

I often find myself saying these words to the ones who are going though a difficult time, suffering with one adversity or another. I feel as though these words, backed with empathy, hold a kind of comforting truth about what's to be.

I think it's nice to know that if things do not work out as you had intended, the reason may be that the universe has something greater planned for you, and wants you to look forward to the positive prospect of it all.

And so, dear reader, I say to you "If it's meant to be, it will be", in order to comfort and guide you to a better place that awaits, for we all deserve to be happy and secure.

My Life Blood.......

I must be honest with you, dear reader about my penchant for coffee.

 I wake up in the morning to and old pot of coffee that my husband has brewed (hours before) at 4:30am. Drink one cup in order to open my eyes, then it's time to make a fresh pot. Finish that one, and work on the next, for the rest of the day. If it's cold/chilly out, I may add a spirit or two (if it's in the evening). I'm also more prone to have a flavored kind at that time of year.

In the warmer weather, it will be iced in the afternoon.

And so it goes.


For You.....

The Power of Positive Thinking....Say it and Believe it.....Then Have it... !

Sunday, August 28, 2011


This particular quote speaks volumes to me and I hope to you.

Thoughtful Thoughts.......

Go ahead. Just "blow"your thoughts out into the universe. Ask for what you want. What you need. Whatever you desire. By doing this, you allow yourself to be open for all the good to come into your life. You, in a sense,give permission to the universe that it's OK for you to be happy,healthy,wealthy, and wise (as they say). You'd be surprised, as to what comes back to you when you ask. Now take that deep breath you've been holding on to inside and let/blow it all out. You'll feel so much better when you do.
I only wish the best for you, dear reader.

For You....

When I saw this, I just could not help but put it up here. This is what I wish for you, dear reader,every single day.

A Gift of Survival........

After surviving an Earthquake and a Hurricane this week, thought I would share with you, dear reader, some beautiful rainbow roses. I do hope you enjoy them.

 They seem to be symbolic in a few of ways. First, they are beautiful, which is what each one of us are. Second they are unusual, which all of us are. Thirdly, they seem to be miraculous because of their rarity, which we all are; miracles.

 My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you have have suffered any type of loss during this crazy week of what seems like Mother Nature's Wrath. Hoping you can find some peace of mind sooner rather than later.

Be Well. Be Happy. Be Grateful.