Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Gardening gifts and connections made........"

We are, as humans, creators. As you invest your time in the reproduction/replenishing of flower and fauna, you are connecting with nature in a most wonderful way. You are, in essence, the mother of what you propagate, watching your offspring grow and thrive, nurturing/guiding it along when needed, and reaping the benefits of its strong growth and great beauty

To me, gardening is more than just digging a hole in the ground and dropping in a plant or two. it's a completely spiritual experience; a time to connect with Mother Nature and all her glory. As I dig in the dirt, it take in the aroma of the earth and feel as though i am making a contribution of sorts to my family, friends, community, and to myself. I feel that it is of great benefit to beautify your surroundings to every other living creature in your midst. I use the time spent in the garden for reflection, thinking of what was and what will become. I cannot help but feel a sense of hope and peace when I am in the garden.

This connection brings me to a great place of gratitude as well as accomplishment. Being grateful for the opportunity and ability to be one with the earth and the satisfaction of the contribution I have been able to make in my own little way.

In sharing my thoughts and feelings about my "garden experience" to you, I hope that the next time you go out into your garden you are able to take a moment and truly reflect on what it means to you, and how it benefits your well being and peace of mind. If you do not have a garden (for whatever reason) you may want to reconsider the idea of being a gardener. you don't have to "go big". Start out small with a manageable space that does not overwhelm you at first. you can always increase its size as is wanted or needed. If land is unavailable, please consider container gardening. This type of gardening can be most creative as well as inspirational!

(All these photos are courtesy of my own garden!)

Friday, May 13, 2011

The precious gift of healing and growth brought to you by your child.....

I have always said that the day my first born came into the world (my daughter), I not only cried tears of joy, but also those same tears you shed when you see someone you have not seen in a very long time. I knew, at that very moment, that she was my soul mate. I was sure that we had traveled thoughout eternity together and that we were again reunited.

When she became about 6 months old, I had the most incredible epiphany. Maybe it was brought on by me  being the empathetic person that I am, but for what ever reason, I felt extremely blessed; as I had realized that she was my gift to myself that forced me to relive and repair my own childhood.

As time passed and old childhood memories followed (age appropriate to her) I was able to work through the negative and embrace the positive. In doing so, my mission would be to raise my children where their lives would be a correction to mine and therefore they would be better people than myself. I would be able to gift the world much more confident, happier, and brighter individuals.

So far (they are both teens, one is graduating from high school in a few weeks), I am pleased to say that this empathetic and positive motivator has worked quite well. They both have seems to be on the right path to being amazing adults.

I have encountered  parents who live their lives through their children as opposed to with them. Also, I have found that some parents seems to have a need to overcompensate for their own childhood inadequacies. Of course, there are those who continue to perpetuate their own dysfunction to the next generation. This all makes me quite sad.

The journey of parenthood is for both parent and child. Growth should be a forward motion with a goal of enlightenment. I must share that I am most fortunate in the fact that my immediate family (mom, dad, and both brothers) are always open and loving when it comes to discussing with them any old issues that need to be revisited, discussed, and repaired. My children also see this and are comforted by it. Knowing that is one of the most healthy ways to move forward. Remember,we as parents, lead by example.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Organization is the key to success".......

These are the words that I have uttered to both my children since the day they were born. Why, do you ask? Being organized is much bigger than having a color coded closet or a neatly folded linens. It is what frees you to have a clear mind and time to enjoy your surroundings.

When your home, car, office, etc. are full of clutter, so is your head. You cannot see clearly and you find that there is much time wasted over finding things, which goes for thoughts as well as objects. I feel that it is most important to try and understand the motivation behind the reason for all the clutter. Anyone can get their pantry in order if the effort is put forth, but finding out why it is a total disaster in the first place will keep you from not having that pantry look the same way before you started within a week's time. For some, their clutter is quite evident. It's all around them. For others, it's hidden like a dark secret.

Constantly allowing things to get out of hand will lead you to a point in which the task of de-cluttering will seem like a monumental process and therefore unachievable. You do not know where to begin, so why even start? You must learn to take control of your surroundings in order to take control of your life. Once you have made the commitment to make these changes with a positive attitude, you'd be amazed at how liberated you will feel. You will feel as though you have beaten a demon and that you are worth all efforts put forth on your behalf.

Getting started is always the hardest step to take no matter what the circumstance. I find it helps to use this time to honestly evaluate your situation. For example: how,why, and when did things get out of control? The reason could be as simple as, "I started a new job with a longer commute or hours"; "Someone got ill that I had to care for or I've been distracted by family issues"; or, it could be as complicated as, "This is how I grew up and being surrounded by clutter is comforting to me or I feel that I have no control over my life"; "I can't make a decision"; "I can't ask for help because I may get rejected, or even worse, no one cares enough".

Once you have figured this out (which may take some time and deep self analysis on your part) then you are ready to make the changes necessary. Remember, "baby steps". Do not overwhelm yourself only to set yourself up for failure. By doing so, you will never accomplish anything. After the first step is made and you start to pull things together, you will notice a great sense of self accomplishment. Your surroundings will bring you to a healthy sense of comfort and a more peaceful place as opposed to a chaotic and dysfunctional one. You will see things more clearly. make decisions faster and more effectively, and be more confident.

After living in an organized home, you will find that your mind will become used to this way of living. You will also find that the longer you keep it up the easier it will be to have everything "kept up". No tasks will seem too enormous to handle. You will also realize that your time is invaluable and that you like having the extra time (that was simply used up trying to find things and thoughts) and become more proprietary with it. You will also be able to become more focused which is very important. All of this will then eventually lead to having no time for "clusters" brought on by stuff or people; the latter of which I hope to discuss at a later time.

Empowering one's self comes in many forms. Each thing we do and how we approach it leaves those around us with an impression; why not be a positive one? Being organized is so much more than having a place for everything, it's a state of mind.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"At least the rhododendrons are blooming......"

Those were the words I uttered to my mom during our last phone conversation about our daily woes. It lightened up the mood and put things into a happier perspective; which leads me into why I decided to create this blog.

How we see things makes all the difference in the way we perceive our daily circumstances. We should seek the reasons for why we see things the way we do and how it makes us feel. We all come from different places, and as a result, our life experiences shine through in our daily outlook.

In these increasingly volatile times in which we all live in, peace and security seem to harder to achieve now than ever before. When your head is filled with distractions, it is quite difficult to focus on any task, large or small. This is why it is so very important to clear your life of the "clusters" that have been holding you back from enjoying the little things, like the blooming rhododendrons. Because sometimes the little things are all we have to fall upon.

The day my daughter was born, I decided to stay home and raise my children. In making this choice, I knew that it would be more difficult financially and that sacrifices would have to be made. Even so, I felt great comfort in knowing that this was the right path for our family to take. I have never had regrets for doing so, and believe that being a stay-at-home mom was my calling. Furthermore, through this I have learned great lessons in patience, acceptance, and healing.

My purpose is to have a place where I can share the way in which, through the years, I have been able to find peace through the chaos life hands us by being truly honest with myself about who I am and where I am coming from. I would like to share my vision with you: that you, the reader, may gain a more honest and soon positive perspective by looking at your own life experiences with a less cluttered mind, home, and eventually life. In short, lightening the load and moving forward with grace.

I encourage comments from all viewpoints. There is no room for judgement. We all have our own personal issues to deal with. I am excited about the opportunity to help each other along life's journey in an open, honest, and grateful way. My subjects will vary greatly, discussing everything from how the simple task of organizing a closet can reap larger benefits than originally intended, to dealing with the fact that bad things that happen to good people.

A sense of gratitude is, for me,  probably the biggest factor in being able to achieve a positive outlook when  hope seems to be fading. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and I sincerely hope you find what you are looking for.