Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today's Gift 5/21/11: The Peonies I get to cut and bring indoors!


After a long day of garden chores, I consider it a wonderful treat to be able to pick something out and bring it indoors to admire close up. The smell and texture of these Pink Peonies are, for me, are just to die for. And so, I am grateful to be able to grow, cut and arrange them.

Friday, May 20, 2011

"It's the end of the world as we know it" ...Time to take charge and close those doors!

Tomorrow, May 21, 2011 has some predicting The End of The World, The Rapture. I take none of that crazy talk seriously but it did get me thinking as to how we can all turn this around into something wonderful, positive, and empowering. I see an opportunity here to use this moment to reflect upon our lives with the purpose of closing the doors (in essence, ending the life) on some of the issues that have been annoying us, bothersome, and contributing to sleepless nights up until this point.

Why not choose to end these disturbances (kill them off) ourselves instead of waiting for them to dissipate as time goes on. Because, in some circumstances, by being completely honest with yourself, you know very well that that is not going to happen. We must try to become more proactive in our approach concerning these matters.

For instance, is there a relationship that is going absolutely nowhere, never will and/or is a great burden to you? Well then, close the door and end it. Is there a negative behavior that you posses knowing full well that is bothers and irritates others? Then, again, close the door and end it. Is there a project that has been nagging at you to finish? Do you feel that it is just too big to handle and it's keeping you up with worry at night? Go ahead, make plans to just get it over with, closing the door and ending it.

 By making these difficult decisions and following through, you will ultimately gain  the confidence needed to not allow these types of situations to enter or stay long into your life again. You will have the power to close the door and end it yourself. You will be the master of your own destiny. The commander and chief of your world. You will forever insist on being treated with respect and dignity, by being in control of how others interact with you. You will find yourself actually wanting to treat others with respect. With hard work and perseverance it could become your new second nature.

The ending of the world as you know it (in certain aspects in your life) will allow new doors to be opened. It will also breath new life into your outlook, and in turn, attract more positive energy to you with a bright and strong vibe leading they way.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The constant gloater and braggers......

When good fortune has been bestowed upon a loved one, no matter what your current situation, you should find it in yourself to be genuinely happy for them. That being said, I often run into those who feel a great need to be on a constant mission to gloat and brag so much and so often, it is as though they have a need to prove to those around them that they are better in a most degrading way. All this type of behavior accomplishes is to alienate those around them and cause major resentment. For me, these types are very easy to see through. They tend to be, in reality, very insecure people set on a constant course of self acceptance. They have no peace of mind, while being too self absorbed and clueless to the negative vibe they create around them.

So, I say, if you find that you must spend time with these creatures, my best advice is to not get caught up in their stories of wealth and good fortune. Do not take great notice in their new car, suit, home addition, or even the world cruise they are planning to take. Just sit back and observe, don't feed their needy ego. And when you are able to leave their "space", take a deep breath and be grateful that you would never behave in such a way, for you have great empathy for those around you. You have a peaceful mind.

Compliments given freely and often.........

The gift of a compliment to another may seem as an incidental gesture to you, but could have great impact on the recipient, whether it be stowed upon a loved one or a complete stranger. I find it odd, that for some, giving compliments is not an easy task and that they actually struggle with it (almost to the point of resistance), and for them this is a great shame. When you give out compliments freely, you in turn brighten your own life. You feel as though a little bit of good has been done, for you have put a smile on someone else's face and maybe even a spring in their step. When the opportunity for complimenting someone arises, don't shy away. Instead, preform this act of kindness with a great big smile. Feel free to be complimentary!

Lighten up and laugh........

In this crazy world we all find ourselves in, surrounded by bad news and unfortunate circumstances, I find it most important to always try (no matter the situation) to find something to laugh about. The endorphins released into your system when you laugh are so very important to your well being and piece of mind. I also highly recommend laughing at yourself as often as possible. Now, turn that frown upside down and smile with me!

Today's Gift 5/19/11: The acre of tall grass that needs to be mowed....

Why is this a gift? Well, when we moved here over 10 years ago, our "lawn" was green; green weeds that is. I'd say 20 percent was actual grass and the rest, a complete mess. After a lot of hard labor, much patience, and at great expense, we now have more grass than weeds. The mere fact that I have grass to mow instead of weeds makes me grateful. Even though mowing can be a laborious chore. 

To make the best of it; I tie a cool bandanna on my head; put on large dark shades, and crank the tunes on my ipod REAL LOUD. The only way to ride a Lawn Tractor is to Rock It with a smile!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our furry family members and their gift of unconditional love.......

Our 'furry friends', our little bundles of love and affection, or our family pets. These awesome "relatives" are the most uncomplicated and vulnerable members of our family. They require only food, water, shelter, and a safe place to sleep. In return, they give to us all the unconditional love and affection they have to offer, as though it was their purpose to make us happy and to feel needed. They seem to be in constant "show of appreciation" mode.

Pictured above are me and our dog Skippy, aka Skippy Doodles, taken last summer. He is my shadow, my little buddy. Yes, he can be tiresome sometimes with his in and out and in and out needs and an "accident" here or there; but really, that's about it. I never have to look far to find someone around to make me feel like I am the most important person alive. It is as though how I feel matters to him. To some, this may sound a bit odd, I know, but this is the vibe he presents to me all the time.Of course, he is treasured by everyone in our household. We are blessed to have him as part of our family.

If you have a pet already, I'm sure you can relate to these feelings of affection toward your furry family member also. If not, and you are open to the idea, I would suggest adopting one of these loving creatures for yourself. To know the love of a pet is quite different from any other love relationship you may have had. This unconditional love enriches your life in many ways, some of which include: a friendship/companionship more loyal than most, a complete desire for your happiness, and the gift of approval on a daily basis. Also, there is a stress relieving factor that pets seem to exude over humans as well as a healing component for the ill.

I suggest this special relationship to you in order to enrich and diversify the love around you. The gift of a family to a pet, especially to one who is in great need of a home, is a most beautiful act of kindness on your part; and in return, you will be repaid tenfold by your new family member for years to come.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Being grateful for the "little things".......

For today's post I would like to speak to the "little things" and how I am truly grateful for each and every one. Sometime, all we have are these little gifts to make us smile and recognize the good that surrounds us. I try and find at least one thing per day to be grateful for no matter how insignificant it may seem. For instance; while I'm doing laundry (which I do not like doing), I may say a prayer of gratitude that I have a family to do laundry for and the appliances to do them with. It's all about your perspective.

Other times, it's when I notice something in the garden blooming. Like the peonies above that showed themselves to me today. Or maybe my back hurts a bit after I do chores yet I am grateful that I could move around and do them in the first place.

I think it most important to try and find the bright side. Now, I know, that there are many instances in which there is none to be seen but maybe, if you look a little deeper, you'll find it somewhere somehow. For instance, if you are ill and yet have some one to care for you. Or maybe the insurance bill was high but not as high as you though it would be. Insurance bills make no one happy, but then again, there are many without insurance and so one should feel a bit of gratitude in having it. Yes, it's just pouring rain at your house, but you have shelter and some others have to evacuate their homes because of potential floods.

Seeing things in a different and more positive light may help you tone down your need to complain and whine. Those traits can become tiresome. In doing so, your simple life may become more joyful. Finding joy in the mundane can be difficult but with practice it will become second nature.

I thought that it would be nice if I randomly posted short notes with or without pictures in regards to the what I am grateful for called "Today's Gift". Starting today, my gift is the above pictured pink peonies that have bloomed in my garden. They are one of my favorite flowers. Their scent is divine and their petals, full and seemingly infinite. The fact that they come back every year to greet me is very comforting.

May you also find peace and joy in the little things in your life. Looking around, they are just waiting for you to notice!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dealing with regret and moving forward on a brighter path.......

Regrets are a form of emotional baggage carried by us all. Some, the figurative size of backpacks, others, the enormity of a full set of luggage all compartmentalized into each individual suitcase. This type of baggage is a heavy load to carry along life's path, holding you back and perpetually increasing in volume and mass if not addressed.

I would like to say that I have no regrets but then again, I'd be lying. And so would you if you said the same. If we were given the opportunity to turn back time and undo a choice or action, the vast majority would jump at the chance. Unfortunately, that cannot happen. You cannot turn back the hands of time. You cannot have a "Life Redo". But what you can do, is to revisit these adverse choices and their subsequent consequences with an honest and open heart.Then, choosing to learn from these mistakes and appreciating some of these self inflicted advertises as gifts of wisdom and knowledge.This helps us to not dwell on them. These experiences (in part) have lead you to the place you are at this very moment in time. They are the culmination of who you are.

Reflecting on these circumstances will aid in your coming to peace with them. If you do not given them the proper acknowledgment you will be cheating yourself out of a future which includes good choice making skills and, in turn, the same mistakes will be repeated over and over. They may take on different forms, as time goes by but they will still, in essence, hold the same motivations.

Moving forward with a lighter load will help you to make better choices. It was also aid in drawing a more positive vibe your way. You will no longer feel held back and your self pity factor will be greatly decreased if not all together eliminated.

If, during this reflective journey, you find a opportunity to right a wrong, please do. Being it as simple as an apology to some one you have hurt in the past. Validating the feelings of another who you have harmed is most important (if possible). Not only will they feel better but then so shall you.

I, myself, ponder my past choices quite often. I try and use them as good current decision making tools. I can easily open my "backpack", take a reflective look, and close it back up till needed again. I make it a point to not forget these moments but to rather continually learn from them. You see, sometimes it is not as apparent as one would like, what the benefits of these adversities are until you find yourself at a certain place and time where they are called upon to show you their gifts.

May your load be lightened and you path be brightened!