Monday, May 16, 2011

Being grateful for the "little things".......

For today's post I would like to speak to the "little things" and how I am truly grateful for each and every one. Sometime, all we have are these little gifts to make us smile and recognize the good that surrounds us. I try and find at least one thing per day to be grateful for no matter how insignificant it may seem. For instance; while I'm doing laundry (which I do not like doing), I may say a prayer of gratitude that I have a family to do laundry for and the appliances to do them with. It's all about your perspective.

Other times, it's when I notice something in the garden blooming. Like the peonies above that showed themselves to me today. Or maybe my back hurts a bit after I do chores yet I am grateful that I could move around and do them in the first place.

I think it most important to try and find the bright side. Now, I know, that there are many instances in which there is none to be seen but maybe, if you look a little deeper, you'll find it somewhere somehow. For instance, if you are ill and yet have some one to care for you. Or maybe the insurance bill was high but not as high as you though it would be. Insurance bills make no one happy, but then again, there are many without insurance and so one should feel a bit of gratitude in having it. Yes, it's just pouring rain at your house, but you have shelter and some others have to evacuate their homes because of potential floods.

Seeing things in a different and more positive light may help you tone down your need to complain and whine. Those traits can become tiresome. In doing so, your simple life may become more joyful. Finding joy in the mundane can be difficult but with practice it will become second nature.

I thought that it would be nice if I randomly posted short notes with or without pictures in regards to the what I am grateful for called "Today's Gift". Starting today, my gift is the above pictured pink peonies that have bloomed in my garden. They are one of my favorite flowers. Their scent is divine and their petals, full and seemingly infinite. The fact that they come back every year to greet me is very comforting.

May you also find peace and joy in the little things in your life. Looking around, they are just waiting for you to notice!