Thursday, May 19, 2011

The constant gloater and braggers......

When good fortune has been bestowed upon a loved one, no matter what your current situation, you should find it in yourself to be genuinely happy for them. That being said, I often run into those who feel a great need to be on a constant mission to gloat and brag so much and so often, it is as though they have a need to prove to those around them that they are better in a most degrading way. All this type of behavior accomplishes is to alienate those around them and cause major resentment. For me, these types are very easy to see through. They tend to be, in reality, very insecure people set on a constant course of self acceptance. They have no peace of mind, while being too self absorbed and clueless to the negative vibe they create around them.

So, I say, if you find that you must spend time with these creatures, my best advice is to not get caught up in their stories of wealth and good fortune. Do not take great notice in their new car, suit, home addition, or even the world cruise they are planning to take. Just sit back and observe, don't feed their needy ego. And when you are able to leave their "space", take a deep breath and be grateful that you would never behave in such a way, for you have great empathy for those around you. You have a peaceful mind.