Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thoughtful Thoughts.......

Try opening your eyes wider while being totally conscious of your peripheral view.
Come on now, don't be shy, be curiously aware.

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Pages!

Hello Dear Readers,

I have finally figured out how to add pages to my blog. Had a bit of an issue having them show up on the main page. Now, I must think about what to put up on these additional pages. In the mean time, they are sort of in a test mode, so please be patient with me. I do not want to post anything on them just for the sake of posting.

I am looking forward to adding some more inspiring pictures, thoughts, and maybe a few surprises.

I appreciate your support while I get this all straighten out and set up.

One more thing, if you have any suggestions, I would me more than willing to considering them.

Thanks again for your continued interest in my blog. I feel truly grateful for every view, comment, and acknowledgment.

Your Dear Friend,
 Marilu  aka, Peace and Harmony


Be there....

Listen and understand...

Hold dear...

Be dependable...

Keep close, no matter the distance..

Always remember...

Thoughtful Thoughts.....Empower Yourself.............

They say that you teach others how to treat you, and therefore must take some responsibility for those who treat you badly.
I believe this to a most valid assumption.
You,dear reader,must choose to embrace the power which you posses.
If you look close enough, you will find that you do have choices and options.
I wish you the strength to make these decisions with the love for yourself that you need and deserve.
Have peace of mind in knowing the you will always have the most power over you than anyone else does.

Thoughtful Thoughts.......

Be Aware. Be Sensitive. Be Empathetic.

You do not always know where others are coming from ,where they've been and what road they are traveling on.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Remember: people who are miserable, day in and day out, will never have your best interests in mind. So, it's best to cut them off ASAP and move on and away without them. Surround yourself with those who inspire and encourage you.

You deserve to be loved and accepted. You deserve to have those around you who give you comfort. You deserve to be respected.

For You....

No matter how confident and pulled together we may appear to be to others in times of adversity, we all need to hear these greats words of truth and comfort.

Balancing Acts.......

And there has been no more prevalent time in my life for this struggle (within myself) as it has been with my teenagers. It's quite the balancing act, for sure. As a parent you must learn to let them go. Even if it is just bit by bit. Each time you loosen the reigns, they grow a little more. Sometimes, you may find that pulling back is just what's needed, in order for you to then, give them even more leeway. It's a constant dance of back and forth.

I'm still in the midst of this give and take phase. I know my children will thrive and most probably turn out to be fine, but I only hope that I will survive this particular journey.

You see, dear read, I'm quite attached to my children as I'm sure many of you are, and the thought of them not being here with me always, is hard for me to wrap my thoughts around. I know reality will kick in soon enough and the fruits of my child rearing labor will ultimately come to fruition.

And yes, logic tells me that this is what is supposed to happen, and that the Universe will be better off as a whole for it. I guess that last thought is what gives me peace of mind. The knowing that they will be contributing great kindness, love and empathy to all that they encounter, throughout their lives.

And in this, I will know full and true pride.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thoughtful Thoughts.......

This is what it looks like when impossibility is not an option!

Silence is Golden......

To listen. To breath. To concentrate.

To ponder. To reflect. To dream.

To let go. To reaffirm. To love.

To acquire peace of mind, sometimes requires only thought, with no words spoken.

For You....

Sometimes, you don't need to see the other side clearly to know, in your heart, it's where you should and need to be. It's most important to have faith in your decisions, which will give you peace of mind in moving toward those goals.

For You...........

Hoping, for you, dear reader, that today you are able to open up and let your Soul Sing, so that moving forward, you will accomplish this as often as needed and/or wanted, and for your Song to be so contagious that you are joined in Sweet Harmony at all times.