Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Organization is the key to success".......

These are the words that I have uttered to both my children since the day they were born. Why, do you ask? Being organized is much bigger than having a color coded closet or a neatly folded linens. It is what frees you to have a clear mind and time to enjoy your surroundings.

When your home, car, office, etc. are full of clutter, so is your head. You cannot see clearly and you find that there is much time wasted over finding things, which goes for thoughts as well as objects. I feel that it is most important to try and understand the motivation behind the reason for all the clutter. Anyone can get their pantry in order if the effort is put forth, but finding out why it is a total disaster in the first place will keep you from not having that pantry look the same way before you started within a week's time. For some, their clutter is quite evident. It's all around them. For others, it's hidden like a dark secret.

Constantly allowing things to get out of hand will lead you to a point in which the task of de-cluttering will seem like a monumental process and therefore unachievable. You do not know where to begin, so why even start? You must learn to take control of your surroundings in order to take control of your life. Once you have made the commitment to make these changes with a positive attitude, you'd be amazed at how liberated you will feel. You will feel as though you have beaten a demon and that you are worth all efforts put forth on your behalf.

Getting started is always the hardest step to take no matter what the circumstance. I find it helps to use this time to honestly evaluate your situation. For example: how,why, and when did things get out of control? The reason could be as simple as, "I started a new job with a longer commute or hours"; "Someone got ill that I had to care for or I've been distracted by family issues"; or, it could be as complicated as, "This is how I grew up and being surrounded by clutter is comforting to me or I feel that I have no control over my life"; "I can't make a decision"; "I can't ask for help because I may get rejected, or even worse, no one cares enough".

Once you have figured this out (which may take some time and deep self analysis on your part) then you are ready to make the changes necessary. Remember, "baby steps". Do not overwhelm yourself only to set yourself up for failure. By doing so, you will never accomplish anything. After the first step is made and you start to pull things together, you will notice a great sense of self accomplishment. Your surroundings will bring you to a healthy sense of comfort and a more peaceful place as opposed to a chaotic and dysfunctional one. You will see things more clearly. make decisions faster and more effectively, and be more confident.

After living in an organized home, you will find that your mind will become used to this way of living. You will also find that the longer you keep it up the easier it will be to have everything "kept up". No tasks will seem too enormous to handle. You will also realize that your time is invaluable and that you like having the extra time (that was simply used up trying to find things and thoughts) and become more proprietary with it. You will also be able to become more focused which is very important. All of this will then eventually lead to having no time for "clusters" brought on by stuff or people; the latter of which I hope to discuss at a later time.

Empowering one's self comes in many forms. Each thing we do and how we approach it leaves those around us with an impression; why not be a positive one? Being organized is so much more than having a place for everything, it's a state of mind.