Sunday, May 29, 2011

Go Ahead, Turn that Frown Upside Down and SMILE!!!

I'm quite sure I was born with a smile on my face. I am innately a smiler and hugger. It does not matter if I know you or not, smiles (and hugs) are given often and freely by me, and I am grateful to be this way; for a smile given to another is a wonderful gift. It always has a positive impact on the recipient. When you smile you look prettier (or more handsome), for your face glows and light shines through your eyes. Facial recognition shows acceptance and approval to others. It makes you feel good on the inside while sharing your kindness outwardly.

Smiles cost nothing. They are easy to make, they help you to feel better when you are sad, depressed, or angry. And, when given freely, they a have payback of tenfold.

Being an avid smiler, at the same time, I also realize that this form of expression can be very difficult for some. Whether they are going through a very difficult period or just have a hard time showing their feelings. The latter, may view smiling as a weakness or vulnerability. I am here to tell you that it is not. It is both beautiful and fulfilling!

So please smile wide and often. And if no one has smiled upon you today, be my guest and take this post as my big smile to you, because you matter and deserve it! Oh yeah, and here's a quick hug. Now, go out and share!