Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sometimes, Bad Things Happen to Good People for No Reason.... Really.

I have always found it a bit difficult to have sympathy for good people who make blatantly bad decisions and then cry about the resulting negative consequences afterwards. On the other hand, when I see horrible adversities thrust upon those who are in no way deserving or responsible, my heart bleeds for them. We all have had these types of challenges brought to us in one way or another, some being much more severe than ever anticipated.

Whenever I have been faced with one of these tragedies, I've tried to reflect and learn as much as I could from it and to turn that experience around to be an asset of sorts. Whether I share my experience with others who have found themselves in the same situation or to makes things right by advocating for the victim, I always realize that my vision on the world around me has taken on a slightly different perspective for the better.

In any circumstance, we all have the same question: "Why?" or "Why Me?" Well, for the ones that have made a bad choice, that answer is always quite clear and comes with time and enlightenment. But for those find themselves legitimately victimized by horrid events, I have the answer: "There is no good reason and you may never fully recover; and that's OK."

Let me try and explain my theory a bit better. I feel as though we are all interconnected on this earth, therefore we all matter and no one is more significant than another. For example: There is a plane crash and 100 out 123 people die. Were 23 of these souls more important than the other 100? Did they maybe pray harder? Did the dead all live lives full of evil doings, and therefore, deserve to die in a big flaming ball of fire? The simple answer is NO! Now, in retrospect, anyone can say that none of them should have gotten on the plane in the first place and so they were all responsible for their demise, but really?

I know that this was a very simplistic example, but what I am trying to ultimately convey is a sense of peace and understanding. That bad things just happen to good people and it's painful to watch these poor souls in the aftermath trying to figure out and justify what has just happened to them. Some carry these questions around for the rest of their entire lives with no answers in sight. In doing so, it is very difficult to try to (with time) do some healing. Some wounds will never fully heal and that's OK also. I just want to help alleviate some of the burden; to tell you that it's alright and that you have no responsibility and you will not have an answer to these questions simply because there is none.

Please do not misunderstand my motivations for this post, as I am an avid believer in prayer and I'm probably one of the most hopeful people you'd ever know. I wish light and love to guide you through these hard times with a little less guilt and the second guessing along the way. May a peaceful and harmonious road await you.

NOTE: I write these blog posts from a Spiritual perspective as opposed to a Religious one. Reason being, I want my blog to be All inclusive and therefore, would Never want to offend anyone. I am accepting of all peoples no matter what they do or do not believe. Peace ;-)