Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Recognition and Appreciation of Your Own Beauty

I'm sure we could all agree that sunsets, chubby babies, and rainbows are beautiful. At the same time, we also posses unique differences in our personal view when it comes to what we deem as beautiful. With our individual view, we find beauty all around us. I am writing this post today in order for you, dear reader, to recognize the beauty that is you. This is not a superficial statement, it is a truth in being.

Every individual born on this planet is a miracle to behold, and in this there is great beauty. Unfortunately we, as a society, have put unrealistic visions in our heads of what we are supposed to accept as being beautiful. I am here to tell you that these standards are not what real beauty is about and never will be because beauty is all inclusive.

You're personal beauty not only lies in your appearance but also within you. This combination, once recognized, will have a glowing effect on your life. It will also give you the confidence to spread your light upon those around you. Any negative voices need to be put out of your head so that you are free to accept the fact that you are worthy of others adoration. You are in control of your own standards and well being. You are a gift to yourself as well as others. You are beautiful!