Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sharing is Caring......

There are those among us who share freely and those who do not. There are those who give without hesitation and there are those who do not. There are those who have not much to give but do any way and those who have more than they could possibly need and choose to hoard it all away. The way in which people share or not reveals a lot about their character.

First, I'd like to speak to sharing in literal terms concerning tangible things. These things that we posses that others would find great joy in having a bit of it. For instance, an old family recipe, divisions of plants from your garden or it's bounty, a bottle of wine, or even a homemade meal (to name a few). These may not seem like great gifts, but if they are given and shared with love and kindness, they are treasures just as you are for doing so.

 Some other things that are shared are items of means, such as a transportation, a job opening lead, financial assistance, advice on how to do something, or a new friend with common interests.

Then, there are the most important gifts we share: the ones in which come from inside ourselves, for instance our minds, our hearts, our passion, our vision, our guidance, and even our time. All of these things are intangible and priceless.

When you happen upon individuals who for whatever reason cannot find it in themselves to share in any of the ways stated above, you will notice that they do not posses kindness of heart. They will tend to be the first ones there to take from you (and others) and the only thing they seem to be able to share easily are lies and sad stories. This is a pity. They know no peace, They know no connection. They are too wrapped up in themselves to consider others. By all means, please try as best you can to stay away from this type of person, for they will leave you feeling drained and confused.

Whatever and whenever we choose to give to another, the payback is tenfold. It comes to us in the satisfaction of helping someone (or in some cases, many) out. The joy of sharing brings peace and harmony to everyone involved during this type of transaction.

So if you are a sharer, please continue and know that in doing so, you bring comfort to others. And if you find that you are not accustomed to sharing, please give it a try. Step out of yourself for a moment and give freely of yourself, whatever it is. I guarantee wonderful results. Be careful as to not overindulge another, as this can turn out have a negative affect on all involved, leaving you resentful and them needy and spoiled.

In closing, please let me say that I am always grateful for these opportunities to share with you, dear reader, my thoughts in these posts with the hopes that you may find peace of mind in each one. Thank you!