Friday, July 8, 2011

Rain Rain Wash Away

Oh, how I just love a calm rain on a sultry day in the summertime. The smell, the sound, and the cleansing nature of it all. Today it is raining and I find myself relecfting on it's literal (as well and figurative meaning) for me.

We all know the importance rain holds, in it's crucial and essential relevance to our existence on this planet. Without water we cannot survive, nothing can. Metaphorically speaking, we also cannot survive without the hopes carried by the rain to wash away our sorrows, to cleanse our souls, and to wait for the sunlight to break through the storm and shine upon a brighter path to peace and harmony in our lives.

At this moment in my life I find that there are many unsettled things around me. We all have these times, dear reader, in which we are experiencing some form of limbo or another where major and minor decisions need to be made. Seeking answers, not knowing what the outcome may be, while moving forward with a bit of fear and anxiety.

If only the rain could wash away our fear on the unknown, enabling us to walk without worry. If only we could see a break in the dark cloud cover to help guide us to this place of peaceful destination and fulfillment. These are the hopes I hold today as I ponder my next move. I must zone in on my fears and overcome each one. At this point it's a difficult task for me, as I'm sure for others. Being a confident individual does not make you immune to moments where you feel that confidence lacking. It happens to the best of us depending on the situation at hand and the tools we feel we do or do not posses.

And so, today, as it rains, I look out the windows of my home and at the same time need to take a look also into the windows of my ego. Two different views which must come to the same conclusions. If you are also, dear reader, battling with yourself in one way or another, I wish the rain to wash away your worries, fear, anxiety, and apprehensions  May the sun break through and shine upon your being with much hope and grace while showing you the path to a peace of mind.