Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Good Night's Sleep.....

Today, I eagerly put fresh sheets on our bed; bright, white, soft, fluffy, and luxurious. I liberally spritzed a heavenly scent (Inner Grace by Philosophy) in between each layer and all over every pillow. Finally, I placed Mr. Black Bear on top to guard my precious domain.

This whole bed making ritual inspired me to write about the importance of sleep and how I treasure it. Anyone who knows me personally, knows how passionate I am about getting a good night's rest. I feel that it an essential part of your daily life , more so even than food. You can live longer without eating than you can without sleep. Your body must sleep. It must be able to regenerate itself. It must be given the time in order to balance out your metabolism and to heal. Your brain needs sleep in order to processes your daily thoughts, good and bad. Your brain also needs this sleep for you to be able to think clearly and focus. Doing so will give you more energy and stamina. Also, the better rested you are, the less you crave carbohydrates!

Knowing and experiencing these benefits, I try to make sure I get at least 7 hours of good sleep every night, no matter what. This has become a bit more difficult for me since I have hit that time in my life where I experience some insomnia and those dreaded "personal summers" in the middle of the night. I find that if I do not get my required sleep, I'm "off" for the rest of the day. My food choices are not the most healthy and that I am cranky and tired. I'm not at my best and then feel cheated out of a good day. This may sound a bit strange but after you have committed to getting a restful sleep for years, your body not only requires it but it desires it. Your bed should be a peaceful refuge.

Mr. Bear was a gift given to me a very long time ago by my dearest friend in the world. Like her, he has been there for me through decades, thick and thin. He is a constant reminder to me of the deep love and affection mutually shared between me a my soul sister girlfriend.) 

So why not do yourself and those around a favor by committing to a good night's sleep Every Night! ( I know this is an unattainable goal when you have babies but be hopeful, cause your time will soon come) Mine and Mr. Black Bear's wish for you is a healthy and happy rest each and every night. You deserve it!