Monday, February 11, 2013

My Return to Blogger

After much debate within my own head, I have decided to just go ahead and come back to Blogger. There are a few reasons why I chose to do this. Some of which are, the following:

Blogger is much easier to manipulate/program, meaning that the User Interface is much more friendly for those of us who are not programmers and/or IT professionals. 
I miss the way in which I could easily connect to all Google accounts making connecting to you much easier.
Transferring my posts was flawless.
And most of all, since I have not posted any blog post in what seems like forever, I wanted to reconnect in the most seamless way possible for me, hoping that it will encourage me to start writing again. And we all know that the easier things are to accomplish the better chance they have of being accomplished.

So as you reacquaint yourselves with "Peace of Mind", please take note of the additional posts that were transferred (from approx Sept 2010 till in December 2011). Also, please take a sec to check out  the "others ways to connect" tab in which I added links to a few of my social networking sites.
I've also added a ton more photos on the "We are Connected" page as well adding another page entitled "Complete Randomness to Inspire", chock full of really cool photos, quotes, gifs, etc.

And so, I will now consider this all a commitment to begin blogging for you again. In the mean time, I will be making a few more technical adjustments to this page and then I expect to be off and running!

Below are a couple of pics of our Furry Family Members:


Our newest family members: Avery and Lucy

Avery and Lucy