Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feeling that you are loved is one of the greatest gifts

While mulling over all of my worries and woes in my mind (which I seem to do a bit more often these days) all of a sudden an image of my mom popped into my head. This caused me to pause, exhale, and say to myself, "but at least I'm loved" and every negative thought went away. This little moment left me to thinking about the importance of knowing that you are loved makes in one's life. And since today is Valentine's Day, I thought it most appropriate to share my thoughts with you on this subject.

All souls are born to be loved but not all feel that they are. When one feels loved they tend to be more grounded, secure, and self aware; as well as empathetic. Knowing you are loved is a bit different then actually feeling it. Anyone can say that they love you, and you may believe them, but not necessarily feel it. 

To feel loved means that you feel unconditionally accepted. Not everyone has this kind of love in their life. There are many reasons whys one does not feel loved. Sometimes, it's due to lack of nurturing by one or both parents where they do not feel worthy of another's love and so they reject the notion. Childhood trauma of any kind can lead to a distorted view of one's self worth. Or it could be the way in which you view yourself, by being too critical. For example, hating the way you look.

Whatever the reason for not feeling loved, it does not change the fact that it puts you in a very lonely state of mind. Self destructive behavior is something that is not uncommon. Another detriment of not feeling loved, of course, is depression.

This is why I consider feeling loved a gift. Not everyone is blessed with the comfort of knowing that no matter what, you will always be one of the most important things in another's life (in a healthy way, that is). 

When life get clustered, for whatever reason, it's always a good idea to just take a minute or two and feel the love that you know to be true. There really is no quicker fix (for the moment at least) to an anxious mind. And who knows, it may actually help to guide you through whatever process you need to go through. 

I am so grateful for many, many things, most of which are priceless because of the human factor involved. My hope for you, dear reader, is that this feeling of love is abundant in your life also; and that it helps to carry you through the tough roads that we find must be traveled as well as the little moments in your head that need a bit of readjustment by reflection.