Monday, October 10, 2011

Life Intentions, a funny thing happened...........

 Sometimes, no matter how focused and driven we are, we end up finding ourselves in situations that we would have never imagined ourselves being in, while wondering how in the heck we ended up there.

It's as though all of our efforts were done in futility.

But wait.

It's alright.

And please do not be disappointed in yourself.

There could be many reasons why your journey has taken a left in stead of right (and visa-versa) turn. You may become aware of some of them sooner rather than later. And others will not show themselves but in an epiphany or two (or three and so on) much later on.

We must learn to accept these situations in faith, that maybe there are other forces around (based on your belief system) that have guided you to this place in life, in order to serve a greater purpose for yourself and in some instances, for those around you.

With this acceptance comes the Peace Of Mind that is needed to relax and enjoy this place that we find ourselves in, even though, we may have never intended to be here.