Sunday, September 11, 2011


Never assume that you have all of the answers, or even that the answers you may posses are the correct and true ones. By not holding on to these assumptions, you will be able to allow yourself to be open to new thoughts and ideas. To speak metaphorically, it's like leaving the door wide open, letting understanding and enlightenment to walk through.

Your world is much better being grey than living in the alternative black and white scenario.

I'm not saying, dear reader, that you should not hold strong beliefs (if you so choose). What I am conveying to you is the sense of openness to contradictory thought. An openness to the things that you may be fearful of because of your lack of knowledge (this is an honest assessment of fear based thinking). Furthermore, an openness to those around you of different faiths, cultures, statuses, lifestyles and the rest.

By viewing the world in this way, you will find that your view/perspective will be constantly changing for the better. Your wisdom becomes deeper and your soul becomes more loving.