Sunday, June 26, 2011

We all run in Circles........

One could consider life's journey as a series of circles. In the beginning we all have one main circle of life to complete. While traveling along this circle we will find offshoots of connecting circles that also need to be completed. All of the spheres intertwined with every other individual we come across connecting us all in one way or another. Either traveling along the same circle for a short or long period depending on our spiritual needs.

Some circles are thicker and therefore more complex to navigate along. While others will be small and narrow, shorter and easier, if you will. The common denominating factor of each and every one is that they must all be completed in order to reach a more peaceful and harmonious life. For each circle's completion holds a journey filled with wisdom and enlightenment. If certain circles are not completed you will find yourself continually on a dead-end path that brings only frustration and rejection with a lower sense of one's self.

At times, we may find that a certain circle has become weak or broken or that we ourselves have become weary and tired from traveling so long on it. In these case, we must makes many choices. Do you try and fix it and continue to move along or do you abandon it and consider on an easier more pleasing path. And what would the consequences you will encounter be, if you made a decision one way or another?

The closer the souls are to one another, the greater the chances are of traveling within same circles. With smaller gaps in between, resulting in similar outcomes, which strengthens the bonds between us. For you see,  I believe that we are all connected through these circles and each individuals journey ultimately effects another in either a positive or negative way, and so on, for infinity and throughout eternity.

I know, this sounds a little "way out" and "new age-y", but I thought I should share with you, dear reader, how I view life in a metaphorical way in order to give you a bit of an insight to my mind's eye. You see, this blog, in itself, is a circle of mine in which I encourage you to join me, in order for you to complete your own circles in a more effective and loving manner. We can even hold hands along the way!