Friday, September 23, 2011

Thoughtful Thoughts.....

This is a most powerful message.
It's always a good idea (especially during rough times), to take a moment and look at your life and realize how many blessings you have accumulated and are fortunate enough to share with others.
The earth is a very large place and we are all connected to each other, our brothers and sisters.
Please know this, dear reader, that being grateful is essential to having peace of mind.
It can also be a catalyst for you/us to reach out and make a difference in those lives who are less fortunate than our own.

As you can see, from reading the above poster, there are more people who live in suffrage than in the land of good and plenty.

I know that these are very tough times for most, on one level or another.
I know that we all have our own issues to deal with.
I know that we all hope for a better world to live in and leave to future generations.

I also know, that we are all blessed in one way or another.
As I am blessed, to have you, dear reader, spend a moment with me.

For this I am inspired.
For this I am grateful.