Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Changing it up with a New Interactive Template Design!

I just applied a new template design to Peace Of Mind.
It's a brand new feature for BLOGGER and I am quite excited about it.
I ask for your patience, dear readers, as I figure out the newness and ins and outs of it all.

Right now, it's about 1:15AM. My husband turned me on to this new Interactive Template Design before he went to bed. I was just planning on checking it out, but then, I just could not help myself but to go ahead and apply some of these (what I think) are some very cool upgrades.

I will let it be till tomorrow and  re-asses then.
I'm sure, since this is quite new for BLOGGER, there will be more exciting changes to come.
In this case, I feel that change is a good thing and am hoping that you all will enjoy the new look and interactivity.

Please, as always, feel free to comment and let me know what you think.
In the mean time I will figure out how to get a few of my gadgets and such back.
I am hoping that you will enjoy exploring my page in a whole new way.

I'm sure I'll be thinking more clearly after a good night's rest and am looking forward to tweaking things a bit more in the morning.

Sweet Dreams to All.......

FYI: On the top right of the page (under the header), you will notice the word "Mosaic" with a white arrow beside it.
Hoover over it for a drop down menu.
You will then see the options for interactive viewing as follows:
At this point you may choose one of those options to view my blog in a different configuration!
Choose which one better suits your viewing/reading pleasure.
Make sure to change it up now and then.
I currently have it defaulted to "MOSAIC"...that is subject to change at any moment.
May you have a most fabulous day......PEACE :)