Monday, August 8, 2011

‪Science Saved My Soul.‬‏ - YouTube

‪Science Saved My Soul.‬‏ - YouTube: ""
I was turned on to this video this evening and thought it appropriate and somewhat important to share with you, dear reader. It's always a good idea to look outside of your comfort zone now and then. It broadens the mind and helps to understand which may be an opposing view to some. You cannot grow if you remain stagnant in your thinking. Constant evolution in thought and perspective is so very vital in attaining peace and harmony. We need not all agree but we do need to be tolerant and kind.

So here, I give you something to ponder about in reference to our existence.

You may not agree with it's premise, but then again, you may also choose to agree in it's Total Glory..... I wish you Peace of Mind in knowing that we are all Miracles.