Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspiration is a funny thing.................

Since my last, full blown post on the 27th of July, I have been a bit distracted and therefore have not made one since. In the mean time, I've been publishing short posts (Quotes & 'Thoughtful Thoughts'), for you, dear reader, in order not to be neglectful.

For me, when stressed, my body and mind are out of sync. Therefore, not only is my sleep disturbed, but my creativity and appetite are also suppressed. I do not like feeling like this. It's as though my inspiration is being thwarted in it's ability to flow through me.

The funny thing is though, as I look back at my short blog posts, I  realized that inspiration has been coming to me, just in small unrecognizable doses. Hence, the Quotes and 'Thoughtful Thoughts'.

Once I realized this, I have felt the creative juices flowing more freely and have started a couple of fun house projects that I have been putting off. And guess what? I am now writing this blog post!

I am quite sure that I am not the only one who feels the drought of lack of inspiration and creativity when under stress. My intention for this particular post is not only to empathize with you in this state but to also share with you the bit of awareness that I have just realized.

The fact that I felt uninspired was misleading, in a sense. For there where signs all around me, but my eyes/heart/soul could not see them from the angle in which I was viewing them. Once I stepped back a bit and  changed my perspective ever so slightly, there it was, ready and waiting.

I am not whole unless I am able to be creative. I have an incessant need to put forth inspiration. Whether it be for just myself or for those around me, or for you, dear reader. As a matter of fact, my entire blog is intended to inspire a peace of mind through harmony and balance, given to you through my own life experiences. And in return, I am enriched by this life's journey/circle in reaching out to you.

Distractions can be so very cumbersome when trying to be creative. You find that your mind/thoughts are not clear and your vision clouded by anxiety and fear. It is most difficult to focus and allow the good things/thoughts in. My only advice is, give it time and be patient with yourself. Step back and take a different look when ready. Do not feel guilty or neglectful about this. It's a process, just like any other journey.

You must take deep breaths in order to fully exhale. Be creative, be happy, be your true self in love and light and there you will find peace of mind.