Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Life's Journey just took a sharp Left Turn.......

My husband never goes to the doctor, but he went for a complete physical last week for the first time in 5 years. What prompted him into making this appointment was his not getting over a bout with bronchitis, loosing about 20 pounds (without trying) and a few other issues.

The "call" came from the doctor's office yesterday with his test results. He has Type 2 Diabetes. We will be going back next week to start him on meds; be given a glucose meter, nutritional advice, and whatever else necessary to start our new journey. He's in a bit of denial, which is quite understandable. I am not surprised, given that fact that I myself had gestational diabetes while carrying my children and my dad has Type 2 Diabetes. I just had a "feeling", which I brought up to him before the test results came in. He told me that I was crazy because as far as he knew, no one in his family has ever had this disease. Well, now they do.

I must share with you, dear reader, just a bit of my history. After having my kids (in my thirties) and being on the heavy side (to be kind), the doctors told me to watch my weight and to quit smoking because I was in the high risk category for getting Diabetes in my forties. I have since taken off all the weight needed and have maintained my size for many years now. I have done this by completely changing my eating habits (which I will go into more depth in another post).

Simply stated, I do no eat anything out of a box (except pasta on occasion). No processed foods and the more veggies the better. My carbohydrate intake is quite low, yet I just about drink extra virgin olive oil. In a nut shell, I've been eating like a diabetic for many years now. As for the smoking, well, let's just say, that's all gonna change for the better.

My husband also smoked, until this morning. When he got home from work last night and after our long talk with each other and then with our children, I put into motion his new diet regimen. I did not want to wait for his appointment next week because his AC1 number what very very high as was his fasting glucose level.

This morning, I sent him off with 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast to replace his 2 daily donuts (he simply loves sweets). I also placed small healthy meals in his lunch bag and off he went, leaving behind his newly purchased carton of "smokes" on the kitchen table.

Now, there are a couple of ways in which you can "go" when life goes left. We could wallow, worry, and steep ourselves in self pity and despair. Or, we could do just the opposite and change directions from left to right, having the attitude that this new adversity presented to us will be looked upon as a gift of sorts. A reason to make life changes for the better. I have chosen to take control behind the wheel of misfortune and make a sharp right turn!

In doing so, these adverse circumstances will allow us all (the four of us) to live a happier and hopefully healthier lifestyle for the following reasons:

1. Better food choices for all! Remember, now my children have a grandfather, father (and a mother on the edge) with Type 2 Diabetes.

2. More exercise! This, I am not too thrilled with, as I am not too fond of the "E" word. Even though we have a complete gym downstairs (which with recent guidance from my dad on his last visit, my son, has become quite happy to do) and my daughter has her own gym membership at the local gym. Now to get me and my husband in gear, the slugs that we are.

3. More doctor visits for my husband and I! Yes, I'm gonna have to bite the bullet myself and start going for regular yearly physicals. My husband will unfortunately have to make routine visits for the rest of his life.

4. Quitting smoking! Let me first just say that we do not smoke all over the house. It's either an outside "job" or in the store room in the basement. I hate the smell of smoke and have never wanted my kids constantly surrounded by it's toxins. This being said, I will be struggling. I am hoping to get some kind of RX in order to help aid me through this eminent and most difficult personal/physical journey.

I share this recent event with you, dear reader, in order to hopefully assist you with your own physical/medical adversities at this time. You are not alone.. Please know that this is not the first, the worst, nor the last one I expect to have in my life here on earth. I wanted to show to you how and why I have decided to deal with this issue in the here and now. I also wanted to set a personal example of how I try to approach adversity.

Please walk with me in this decision to make that left turn right. To seek hope into what the future may bring and to have peace of mind in knowing we've made the "right" choices and the strength to make it through.