Thursday, June 23, 2011

Questioning Everything and Everyone....Go ahead, It's OK!

I've always had a bit of an issue with "authority", in every aspect of the word. No, I'm not disrespectful (quite the opposite) nor have I ever been. I easily find myself questioning those around me, in whatever capacity, as to what information I am being fed, at any given time, by whatever the source. I question things around me and search for answers that feel right. Answers that are logical, concise, and make clear sense to me.

It does not matter from who,what or even where I get the information I require. If it does not smell right, I will ask. I have no problem questioning anyone in any position or occupation. I do not care about the degrees held or the position appointed. These things do not intimidate me on any level.

I prefer to make choices that I feel are best suited for me and my family and, in order to do so open and honestly, I refuse to just take someone's word for things if it does not feel right. I have learned to not be manipulated into believing in things just because they are either written, spoken, or televised for that matter. I require all points of reference.

I know what it is like to put trust in others who should know better only to have find out (many many years later) that this trust was manipulated and, in turn, distorted my view. Coming full circle (I will discuss "circles" very soon), I see that my natural instinct to question has always been most true to me.

I share this view with you, dear reader, so that you will allow yourself to question those around you. To not believe in things (whatever they may be) just because you are told so. Just because you've read it some where, and so on. Anyone can write a book, preach a vision, or be a pundit on television.

I want you to be able to look at your world circumstances through a wider and more loving lens. To know that whatever it is that does not feel or seem right to you, it's more than acceptable to find the path that does suit you and the ones you love by questioning it. It's OK to question authority in all aspects. It OK to wonder why you've been doing certain things in your life that bring you no joy because you feel guilted into it by whatever force. It OK to ask "why".

You must allow yourself to inquire about all things in order to live a more peaceful and harmonious life. You know, in your heart and soul, what is right for you. You also know that you must always be true to yourself. As humans, the act of inquiry is most natural and necessary. Be true, be happy, and start asking yourself the most important questions.